You're never too old to try something new...

One week in the summer of 2013, Brian Leatherman directed a choir for the national Road Scholar/Elderhostel program held in Ft. Collins. His long-time colleague, Cindy Runkel served as accompanist. As the week of rehearsals and performance closed, Brian suggested that he and Cindy should pursue something like this in Denver, as Brian was due to retire from public education in June 2014.


During the fall and spring of 2014-2015, they discussed and explored the possibility of a day-time, non-auditioned choir for folks 55 or better. A member of the Ft. Collins choir from Maryland suggested contact with Jeanne Kelly of Encore Creativity in Washington D.C. and the rest is history. 5280+ Encore Chorale was founded in July 2014!


If you have sung sometime in your life, want to return to singing, or have never sung outside of the shower, come meet new friends at our educational and enjoyable weekly rehearsals. Learn proper breathing techniques and how to improve your voice through correct tone production. Sessions culminate with combined performances as well as special concerts by the individual choirs or smaller groups


What is 5280+ Encore Chorale?

and have the time of your life!